SARAYA UD-1000 Dispenser

The UD-1000 is a battery operated, 'no touch' infrared dispenser which detects the presence of hands, then discharges the required amount of atomized alcohol hand disinfectant.Pre-filled 1-litre refills are easily replaced. Minimal maintenance required. Can be placed virtually anywhere wall mounted or stand alone on counters or worktops etc.


UD-1000 • Automatic pre-measured 'touch-less' dosing system
• Dispenses Saraya (SHD-1000*) Professional Disinfectant
• Single/double dose, mode setting switch
• Operator adjustable sensor detecting area
• Independent C-Cell Battery** Operation with LED    indicator
• Maximum Installation flexibility, with wall mount or free    stand option (wall plate & fixings supplied)
• Key lock for Tamper Resistance


Model: UD 1000
Dimensions: 144 x 106 x 255 (WDH, mm)
Weight: 740g (excluding chemicals, including accessories, etc.)
Materials: front cover: ABS
body: ABS
window: PP
tray: PP
Dispense Rate: approx. 1.5ml (adjustable) disinfectant per single dispense
Power Supply: (4) D-cell alkaline batteries
Capacity: 1 L
Chemical: e-Mission Specialized Disinfectant Spray and Gel

* SHD-1000: Alcohol based solution. Range of application: Hygienic & surgical hand disinfectant solution, skin disinfection prior to injections and punctures of peripheral vessels, skin disinfection prior to surgery and punctures of joints, disinfection of skin rich in sebaceous glands, cooling compresses.

** Requires 4 x c-cell batteries (Supplied with unit) allows for in excess of 10,000 continuous operations.